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  • CigarBros of California, Inc
  • 1280 N Johnson Ave STE 101
  • El Cajon, CA 92020
  • 619-510-2377
  • E-Mail:



1 Store Name :
2 Address
3 City
4 State
5 Zip Code
6 Country
7 Municipality (Restrictions):
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10 Store Owner's Name:
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13 Business Phone #:
14 Contact Person's Name:
15 Contact Phone #:


16 Tobacco License #:
17 Seller's Permit #:
18 Hours: Monday thru Thurs
19 Hours: Friday thru Saturday
20 Store Type: LQ GS SS BW CA GF NA OT RE
21 EndCap, ChckOut, Entran, Exit
22 Carried Cigars Before? Yes or No
23 Old Humidor Type: Cntrtop, Single , Double, Walk In
24 Liquidate Old Cigars? Yes or No
25 Notes:


Thank you for your interest in CigarBros! We are excited to present you with our program.

The Humidor:

We will deliver a state-of-the-art humidor at no cost to you. We maintain ownership of the humidor for the lifetime of our partnership. You agree to not display any other humidor in your store. You also agree to keep the humidor fully stocked. We agree to maintain the performance of the humidor with free repairs. You agree to deep clean the humidor every 6 months. You agree to be responsible for any damages to the humidor. $300 for replacement door, $2500 for entire humidor for theft, vandalism, abandonment or other causes. You agree to fill the Water Reservoir with Distilled Water as needed

The Location:

An appropriate location will be chosen and agreed upon inside your store. You agree to place the humidor in the approved location and will not relocate outside of the business unless approved by CigarBros. Removing the humidor without our consent can result in penalty charges

The Cigars:

We will provide a selection of the top selling cigars and we will track performance of these cigars, making changes as needed. You agree to not change any of the selection or place any other cigars outside of our program in our humidor. Do not place any cigars on top of the water reservoir.

The Prices:

We will supply you with the selection of cigars at competitive wholesale prices. All applicable state taxes will be included in the price. (excl. certain states)

The Profit:

You are free to price your own cigars. You will be provided with labels and price tags for all cigars. You will also be provided with pricing instructions.

The Service:

All partners must maintain a fully stocked humidor at all times. We will provide you with your monthly restock. We will also provide you with free shipping for all orders that meet our minimum quantity. All partners are required to place restock orders on a monthly basis to ensure a fully stocked humidor. If a location doesn't require a restock order that month, simply send us a photo providing us proof that all skus are full. You agree to maintain sales of at least 100 cigars per month. We may remove the humidor any time. All noncompliant partners are subject to a service charge.

The Satisfaction:

We agree to guarantee the performance of the humidor in your store with 100% money back for the cigars that have been paid for minus shipping costs. You agree to maintain sales of at least 100 cigars per month. We may remove the humidor any time.

Cancellation & Security Deposit:

All accounts are subject to a security deposit for the first 12 months however, if you cancel within the first 6 months we will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. The security deposit is there to ensure the protection of CigarBros Humidors. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all program cancellations after 6 months
By signing below, you agree to the terms of the agreement.

26 Customer's Signature for Resale Certificate:


27 Is Location 24 Hours?:
28 s Location Shopping Cntr?:
29 Dist from Nearest Bar:
30 Dist from Nearest Restaurant:
31 Dist from Nearest Golf Course:
32 Dist from Nearest Major Hotel:
33 Dist from Nearest Beach/Lake:
34 Dist from Nearest Party Area:
35 Dist from Nearest Highway:
36 Parking Type:
37 Area Type:
38 Walking Traffic:
39 Car Traffic:
40 Nightlife:
41 Vacationers:


43 Authorized Person's Name:
44 Name on Bank Account:
45 Address on Bank Account:
46 City :
47 State :
48 Zip Code :
49 Email for ACH Receipt:
50 Phone #:
51 I Understand this Info will be Kept on File:


52 Bank Name:
53 Routing #:
54 Account #:
55 Account # (verify):

Approval Authorization:

56 50% of the Initial Order will be Charged on Humidor Ship Date:
57 Remaining 50% of the Initial Order will be Charged on Arrival:
59 All Restock Orders will be Charged on Ship Date:
60 Security Deposit:


  • I hold a valid seller's permit.See above.
  • I am engaged in the business of selling the following type of tangible personal property: Tobacco, General Merchandise, Beverages, and Other Products
  • This certificate is for the purchase from of the item(s) I have listed in paragraph 5 below. [Vendor's name] CigarBros
  • I will resell the item(s) listed in paragraph 5, which I am purchasing under this resale certificate in the form of tangible personal property in the regular course of my business operations, and I will do so prior to making any use of the item(s) other than demonstration and display while holding the item(s) for sale in the regular course of my business. I understand that if I use the item(s) purchased under this certificate in any manner other than as just described, I will owe use tax based on each item's purchase price or as otherwise provided by law.
  • Description of property to be purchased for resale: Premium Cigars, Accessories, and Other Retail Products.
  • I have read and understand the following: For Your Information: A person may be guilty of a misdemeanor under Revenue and Taxation Code section 6094.5 if the purchaser knows at the time of purchase that he or she will not resell the purchased item prior to any use (other than retention, demonstration, or display while holding it for resale) and he or she furnishes a resale certificate to avoid payment to the seller of an amount as tax. Additionally, a person misusing a resale certificate for personal gain or to evade the payment of tax is liable, for each purchase, for the tax that would have been due, plus a penalty of 10 % of the tax or $500, whichever is more.
  • 42 Customer's Signature for Resale Certificate:




    You (the "Retailer"), the undersigned direct buying customer hereby authorizes (i) CigarBros of California Inc (the "Supplier") to originate debit/credit entries by ACH to the direct buying customer's bank account, indicated below, and (ii) the Depository institution named below, (the "Bank"), to accept and to debit/credit the amount of such entries to the direct buying customer's account.

    Bank Name:

    Debit/Credit entries will be initiated by the Company through Bank of America

    Payable To:

    CigarBros of California, Inc.

    Blanket Authorization:

    This authorization is in effect on the date signed on this agreement and will remain in effect until you (the "Retailer") revoke it. You understand that you can revoke this authorization at any time.


    Cancellation of this authority shall occur (30) days after the Company and Customer's Bank each shall have received written notification from the Direct Buying Customer of termination of such authority

    58 Customer's Signature for ACH Agreement:

    Approval Authorization:

    61 Humidor Type:
    62 Remote Shipping:
    63 Self Install:
    64 Any Customizations:
    65 Signage Type:
    66 Accessories:
    67 Requested Ship Date:
    68 Hours of Delivery:
    69 Day of Delivery:
    70 Entrance Type/Size:
    71 Special Instructions:



    Agreement Prepared By:

    Signature & Date:

    2 Customer Full Name: Signature & Date:
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    4 Order Completed By: Signature & Date:


    Account Number:
    Humidor ID Number:
    Invoice Number:
    CDate of Installation:
    Freight Company:
    BOL Number:
    1 2
    (Initial) Humidor Labels
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    (Initial) Cigar Selection
    (Initial) Water/Solution
    (Initial) Signage
    (Initial) Other
    1 Statement
    (Initial) CRM: Customer Info
    (Initial) CRM: Seller & Tob Lic
    (Initial) CRM: Signed Agrmt
    (Initial) Invoice: Tendered
    (Initial) BOL Prepared & Sent
    (Initial) Contact Customer
    (Initial) CRM: Scheduled
    (Initial) POS: Update Customer Profile with Order Details


    We will ship your humidor in a pallet with a 3rd party trucking company. The humidor is approx 300lbs and is large.

    Please have help available to remove the humidor from the pallet, THE DRIVER WILL NOT HELP WITH THE INSTALLATION.


    Thank you for your understanding. For questions call us at 619-510-2377.