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Keeping it fresh, behind the scenes

There’s a perfect cigar for everyone, what matters is that it is found and it is fresh! The intended experience of each cigar, the flavor notes and complexities, lies heavely on how that cigar is maintained. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to the perfect care of every cigar we provide. fantastic cigars we love to enjoy.

Imported Fresh

We source our cigars directly from the world’s finest cigar manufacturers.

Stored Fresh

Our advanced warehouse humidor keeps the cigars in perfect condition before sent out to retailers.

Delivered Fresh

Our delivery methods maintain freshness as well as prevent damage during shipment.

Kept Fresh

Our smart humidors keep each cigar in prestine condition as they wait to be enjoyed.

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Your Secret to Selling Fresh Cigars

CigarBros’ humidors, with their auto temperature and humidity controls, allow you to keep your best cigars in the best condition. You can get a smart humidor of your own, completely free of charge, with your next batch purchase of cigars at CigarBros.