Introducing the CigarBros Personal Humidor:

Easy Cigar Storage!



1 Boveda 60gr

69% Humidity Pack



Unmatched Insulation

EPP construction preserves cigar flavor, maintaining temperature and humidity.

Lightweight and Portable

Enjoy cigars on the go with our travel-friendly humidor.

Enhanced Durability

Impact resistant EPP ensures exceptional protection during transport.

Moisture-Resistant Design

Keep cigars perfect without warping or mold growth.

Versatile and Customizable

Customize your humidor to match preferences and collection.

Consistent Temperature Stability

EPP provides remarkable thermal stability for cigars.

Odor-Free Storage

Our humidor remains odorless, allowing natural flavors to develop.

Effortless Maintenance

Easy cleaning with mild soap and water, no delicate procedures.

Preservation of Aging Process

Let cigars mature naturally, free from external influences.

Affordable Excellence

Unparalleled functionality and quality at a great price.

Experience the CigarBros Personal Humidor – the ultimate cigar companion.

Enhance humidity control with Boveda Humidity Control Pack.